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Who we are


Concept and execution created by Eliana Bogdan


We are a Romanian based digital fashion studio founded in 2020, shifting traditional creators to the future of merchandise. Our brand is dedicated to creating awe-inspiring digital fashion collections, catering to a diverse range of creators and brands.


First days when i realised that virtual fashion could be a real thing. (I was 10 yo girl, playing video games. I collected ideas and developed technical and artistic skills over the years until i start working in the creative industry at 15.


First prototype of a virtual fashion item, fitted on a human body, trough augmented reality


First wearable NFT Collection on Opensea


Website launch

First media interviews

First collection featuring Alexandra Calafeteanu

2023 - 2024

Rebranding The Virtual Fashion into DIGITAL DRESSERS


Our vision is to empower individuals to express their unique identities through digital fashion. By harnessing the endless possibilities of virtual garments and accessories, we strive to liberate fashion from the constraints of physical materials and environmental impact.


As a digital fashion pioneer, we are committed to upholding a set of core values that guide everything we do. These values include innovation, collaboration, sustainability, inclusivity, and authenticity. We embrace technological advancements to drive creative possibilities while respecting the environment and promoting ethical practices.

Through our innovative approach, we provide creators with the opportunity to monetize their creativity and gain ownership in the creator economy, opening up new streams of revenue, while reducing the ecological footprint associated with traditional fashion production.

What we do

Our Digital Fashion Services


What is is a revolutionary platform that specializes in the creation and sale of virtual fashion merchandise. We collaborate with interdisciplinary artists for a unique co-creation experience. Our studio offers B to B digital fashion solutions for any type of brand engagement activations, enhanced experiences for e-commerce, and risk-free & cost-efficient production for immediate manufacturing.

How can virtual fashion merchandise benefit your brand?

Virtual fashion merchandise allows your brand to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, engage with customers in new and exciting ways, and tap into new markets. You can opt for Brand Engagement with Immersive AR Activations, Digital Media Production for your online presence or try Enhanced Experience for e-commerce like Virtual Try-On implementation in your app. As for fashion brands, we offer risk-free & cost-efficient production for immediate manufacturing.

How does Digital Dressers services benefit my production as a fashion brand?

Our digital fashion creation service can save your brand significant time and money in the production process. By eliminating the need for physical samples, you can streamline production and reduce waste.

How does work?

We create virtual fashion merchandise that can be used in digital environments such as e-commerce, gaming, and social media. If you want to wear our virtual collections on social media, available on our shop, you can select your favorite design and purchase them directly from our website, by uploading a photo of you.

What is a virtual outfit?

A virtual outfit is a digital representation of clothing. It can be used in various social platforms to represent your personal style in the digital world, allowing you to wear unique items, surreal materials, that never exist in the physical realm. With our precise execution & technology, we perfectly fit every digital outfit over any human body, with realistic details that seem to be as real as possible.

How does the co-creation process work?

We collaborate with a diverse range of artists or brands to create our virtual fashion merchandise. This process involves sharing ideas and combining different artistic styles to create unique digital outfits. The development of the virtual clothes are made my Digital Dressers team and we collaborate closely with the client to understand the vision and requirements.

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